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The History of The Figures

Peter and Gilly Greenhill established Greenhill Miniatures in May 1977 with the issue of six miniature knights called "Greenhills", three of which are featured below. (All six still available, see catalogue.)

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Greenhill G3, Rainard von Ouhar
Greenhill G5, Archibald Douglas
Greenhill G6, Juan Ferrandez Heredia

Greenhill G3
Rainard von Ouhar

Greenhill G5
Archibald Douglas

Greenhill G6
Juan Ferrandez Heredia


Richard Courtenay 1892-1963In February 1978 they purchased the original brass moulds of the late Richard Courtenay who had produced miniature Knights, portraitures of English Royalty, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Philistines and mounted jockeys until his death in 1963.

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Courtenay Z19, Jean de Saintre
Courtenay ‘Rocking Horse’, Sir John Dalton
Courtenay 48mm Soldier, as King Edward III

Courtenay Z19
Jean de Saintre

Courtenay ‘Rocking Horse’
Sir John Dalton
Sold for £4,300 in 1988

Courtenay 48mm Soldier
as King Edward III


Freddy Ping continued the production of this work (under franchise) until his demise in 1977.
The Greenhills continue the tradition up to the present day. Today's Courtenays are called "Courtenay-Greenhills" to differentiate them from Courtenay’s originals and are all identified with name, town, date and signature.

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Courtenay-Greenhill, Walking Foot Soldiers
Courtenay-Greenhill, H13A Jean de Blonay
Greenhill, G7 William Shakespeare

Walking Foot Soldiers

H13A Jean de Blonay

G7 William Shakespeare


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