8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (2023)

Making money as a blacksmith is something that’s more possible than ever nowadays. A few decades ago, you would have needed to become a blacksmith’s apprentice for a few years, getting paid a relatively low wage before getting the chance to open up your own shop.

Even then, blacksmiths – while an important part of the local town – was far by the wealthiest job out there. However, it was good, steady, honest work. However, everything’s changed now that we’re in the 21st century.

The idea of being a local blacksmith in your small town is vanishing evermore by the year. Instead, with more people living in big cities – where the idea of going to your neighboring blacksmith is not realistic – most people now shop online for their custom metalwork needs.

What this means is that its easier than ever for budding beginner blacksmiths to start making things that people want to buy and that are fun to make! With online platforms, such as Etsy, beginner blacksmiths can easily make a part-time income that surpasses what you would have made working as a traditional blacksmith apprentice or journeyman.

In many cases, if you can make something that people want to buy, you can quite realistically make a six-figure net income selling your metalwork online.

Of course, this takes time. You can’t just do it overnight. However, with some effort, hard work, and the willingness to put yourself out there, 2021 is the perfect time for you to start your own online blacksmithing shop.

Of course, coming up with ideas isn’t necessarily easy. That’s why were going to show you ten beginner blacksmithing projects that sell incredibly well and are simple enough for beginner blacksmiths to start within a week.

So Where Do You Sell Your Products To Make Money?

Before I get started on the actual things you can make, I just want to make a note about where you might want to sell your products. There are plenty of places where you can sell your blacksmithing projects, but I always recommend Etsy. There are benefits and disadvantages, of course, but I know plenty of blacksmiths and metalworkers that have made a full-time income running a part-time blacksmithing operation with Etsy as their main marketplace.

In many ways, this is the exact opposite of traditional advice you’ll often hear around forums and older blacksmiths. The “old” way of putting yourself out there meant going to trade shows, setting up a stall, or going to various events and trying to show off your work this way. As you’d imagine, there are all sorts of problems with this approach.

The main issue is that you need to be there physically, which greatly limits your maximum potential exposure to clients.

Instead, online platforms like Etsy are filled with millions of potential customers every day, many of which are more than willing to look at new items they weren’t considering before if it looks well and is well-reviewed.

Again, while this sounds great, I do want to re-emphasize that it’s going to time some time before you get to the point where you’re making a five-to-six figure online business. If you want to make a large, full-time income, expect 12-24 months of steady growth on any platform before you start making it big.

When you start off, expect to make a small side-income as you grow your customer base and win positive reviews from those that love your products!

What to Sell?

1. Rings

One of my favorite blacksmithing projects that sell incredibly well is rings. Now, if you go on Etsy, you’ll find many different types of rings on the market. Some of them are incredibly elaborate and sophisticated, far beyond the skill level of most beginner blacksmiths.

However, you don’t need to do anything this complicated.

In fact, there are many different types of rings that sell incredibly well; some of them remarkably minimalistic. For example, let’s take a look at one of my favorite examples on Etsy, as well as one of my favorite blacksmiths on the site;

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (1)

Look at this minimalistic titanium ring being sold by Riverdale Ironworks. This ring isn’t anything super complicated. It’s not overly elaborate with crazy, intricate parts. For the most part, it’s a relatively basic metal band.

(Video) How to make Money as a Blacksmith! Small objects Big Return! Trust me I'ma Blacksmith!

Of course, it’s a ­high-quality band, and someone certainly put a lot of work into it in order to be able to sell it for over $200 per ring! However, the point I’m trying to make is that there’s a strong demand for even more minimalistic styles of jewelry, which is great news for beginner blacksmiths that might not have the raw skill level to make something more elaborate and intricate.

Not to mention the fact that, at a price point of around $200 per ring, assuming three-quarters of that is profit, you’re looking to make a pretty solid $150 for what could be around three to four hours of work, maybe less. Once you get the hang of it, it wouldn’t be surprising if you can make this type of ring even more quickly.

Of course, there are examples of similar rings that sell for even more on Etsy. You’d be shocked at just how much some people are willing to pay!

Some people might look at all the different competitors out there on platforms like Etsy already and think its simply too crowded for them. However, it’s actually not necessarily the case.

For one, plenty of competition is a good sign. It means there’s significant demand for this area. It also means that many other people are making money from selling these types of products.

As such, you don’t need to be the best or second-best in your niche in order to make a profit. In comparison, if you’re competing in an extremely narrow niche, where there’s only a handful of people making these types of items, demand is already fairly small. As such, you might not be able to break into this new market if your skills aren’t up to snuff.

Again, if you’re a serious blacksmith that knows what he’s doing, then go ahead. However, for the beginner blacksmith that’s looking to broaden his or her skillset while selling his handiwork, sticking to areas where there’s a lot of demand is the best approach.

It will also be the guiding philosophy for the remaining nine best blacksmithing projects that sell well.

2. Necklaces

Continuing on with the jewelry motif – which I’m doing for a good reason – necklaces are also quite similar to rings.

Just as there are many different types of rings, some more intricate and elaborate and others more minimalistic, there are also quite a few different types of necklaces out there that have strong consumer demand.

You’d be surprised at just how simple some of these can be for beginner blacksmiths to produce, provided they have a basic understanding of jewelry-crafting.

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (2)

This basic, iron necklace from SteelToeStudios is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.

Of course, the challenge with making something like this is that you’re going to be working with a particularly small object. Unlike forging a knife or a sword, which is larger and fits on a traditional anvil, forging something small like this requires a delicate hand and some more specialized equipment.

However, it’s still very much within reach of the average beginner blacksmith looking for a project that sells well.

Most jewelry-style necklaces also cater towards women rather than men, so you’re going to have to take that into consideration when you’re making these things. However, there’s one particular type of “necklace” – if you can call it that – that has significantly more demand from men as well.

Let’s get to that now;

3. Icons and Symbols

Have you thought about making a Christian Cross? Well, that’s just one example of the type of icons and symbols that beginner blacksmiths can make and see a remarkable profit on.

(Video) The 7 Basic skills of a Blacksmith - Blacksmithing Fundamentals

When it comes to spiritual and religious beliefs, people are often willing to pay out significantly more for something that’s custom and man-made rather than a cheap trinket you can buy from your local dollar store. This is even more true for people who practice less mainstream spiritual beliefs.

Think of someone who’s a pagan or a wiccan. These are markets that might be a tad more specialized than catering to a mainstream spiritual or religion, like Christianity or Islam, but still have a lot of demand. However, that’s not to say that you can’t produce symbols for any religion that has a reasonable amount of demand for it.

The reason I say this, however, is that you can charge significant amounts for high-quality symbols, such as a necklace of Thor’s hammer, for example.

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (3)

In terms of jewelry, that pretty much sums it up. Let’s move onto something a bit more exciting.

4. Knives

Yes, you guessed it, you can make a lot of money selling custom made knives as a blacksmith.

However, it’s not something I necessarily recommend all beginners to do.

Unlike jewelry, where a minimalistic style is often preferred, knifemaking tends to be more intricate. You’ll find all sorts of elaborate knives of various styles that are competing for attention. At the same time, people don’t necessarily buy tons of knives.

Although there definitely are plenty of knife-enthusiasts out there spending thousands on high-end knives, and I can definitely relate with them. However, once a regular person has one or two, high-end knives, they tend not to buy that many more.

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (4)

Again, knives are primarily bought by men. Jewelry, on the other hand, is more commonly bought by women, and buying multiple different types of rings tends to be more common.

That’s not to necessarily discourage any prospective knifemakers out there. I understand it might seem that way. Let me make myself clear. If you want to sell knives, and you are willing to put in the work to become good at it, you can make a very large sum of money doing so.

It’s just that it might take more work than some of the other items mentioned on this list.

Additionally, making a high-quality knife also will commonly involve making the sheath as well. Depending on what you’re planning to do, this could mean needing to learn some leatherworking skills as well.

It’s up to you, but if you’re a relative beginner, knifemaking might not be the first area I’d check out.

5. Axes

If we were going to dive into the area of weaponry, I might as well mention axes as well.

My thoughts on axes are similar to what I mentioned when I wrote about knives. You can make a lot of money selling axes, but they require a significant amount of skill to make something that will sell reasonably well.https://amzn.to/3kGVxl9

However, there are a few reasons why I’m a bit more willing to recommend axe smithing to beginner blacksmiths over knife smithing, especially if you’re trying to make something that will sell.

For one, axes are bigger than knives. This might seem like it’s more work, but it doesn’t need to be. Axe heads, being bigger, means you can use a regular anvil and hammer to do your work, rather than requiring smaller, more intricate tools to make sure your knife comes out alright.

(Video) 5 Tips To Become a Blacksmith

Axes tend to be less intricate than knives, for example. Where most consumers want to have an elaborate, special knife with all sorts of markings and engravings on it, axes can get away with a more minimalistic approach.

Throwing axes, for example, don’t need to be super crazy. They can be simple, and as long as they work, they will sell reasonably well. Of course, I’m just using this as an example since throwing axes need to be crafted extremely carefully for aerodynamic and weight reasons.

Axes are slightly less competitive than knives, which is worth mentioning. Whereas everyone and their grandfather thinks about selling knives, making and selling axes is a bit rarer.

Besides axes and knives, I can keep going with hammers, arrowheads, and all sorts of other things that blacksmiths can create. However, I think you get the general concept.

Besides, I want to go back to something that’s a bit more promising for beginners.

6. Pots and Pans

Didn’t expect me to go in this direction, did you? Cooking sets, mainly pots and pans, can be incredibly lucrative for beginner blacksmiths that sell online.

Not only do custom pots and pans sell for reasonably high prices, especially if you have a unique style that sets you apart from the competition. At the same time, pots and pans aren’t anywhere as demanding in terms of skill as knifemaking.

You can make a relatively simple frying pan that sells for a reasonable amount of money, especially if it has a unique style, as I just said.

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (5)

In terms of blacksmithing projects for beginners, I’ve recommended pots and pans before. They aren’t really that complicated to make, nor do they take all that much time, either.

The biggest problem for pots and pans, as well as cooking utensils in general, is the fact that people are going to use in contact with food. This means whatever you’re using for your work needs to be safe to be ingested.

This also means you need to be careful as to what type of metal you use when you’re making these things. Certain metals, such as galvanized steel scrap lying around, can be potentially dangerous when repeatedly heated up. On the other hand, while many blacksmiths enjoy using finishes on their projects, you need to be careful that the type of finish you use isn’t toxic either.

There definitely are some unique pros and cons with pots and pans, but it’s definitely one area that sees a lot of dedicated traffic from buyers.

7. Cooking Utensils

Cutlery such as forks and spoons can sell reasonably well, although they are not the most expensive things out there. At the same time, you have various spatulas and other cooking utensils that can be made by blacksmiths and sold online as well.

The big issue with cutlery is that it involves making many small objects, rather than simply working on one larger piece of metal and being done with it. As such, if you’re trying to sell cutlery online and want to do something a bit more fancy, it can become a little time inefficient for blacksmiths to be working on each, individual fork, spoon, and knife.

However, there’s still demand for cutlery, and you can make a solid income from selling things like spatulas as well. It’s undoubtedly something worth looking into.

8. Hooks

Perhaps the number one most recommended project that beginner blacksmiths are told to make, it’s also not surprising to see why there’s a fair bit of demand for hooks. J hooks, S hooks, whatever the type, they are reasonably easy to make, while still selling quite well as makeshift coat hangars or mounted to a wall to hang something.

While it might not be nearly as fun as some of the other projects on this list, if you’re are a literal, complete beginner blacksmith with only a month or two of experience under your belt, starting off making tons of hooks is a pretty good way to go about improving your skill

(Video) How to Make a Simple Propane Forge for Blacksmithing | I Like To Make Stuff


In fact, I’d say it’s maybe the single best project for beginner blacksmiths out there.

All the basics about blacksmithing that you need to know, all the rudimentary skills you need to master, are containing within the humble hook. The fact that you can sell them online for a reasonable penny rather than just throwing them out of giving them for free should also help motivate you to become better at making them overall.

Be Creative!

With all that being said, there are hundreds of potential products out there that you can make.

For the purpose of this article, I’ve kept to some of the more generic categories that blacksmiths should consider if they want to sell something online. However, even looking outside these broad categories, you can find all sorts of unique niches that sell remarkably well.

Of course, not every niche is as profitable or as in demand as you might originally have thought it to be, but that’s not to take away from super-niche blacksmithing projects either.

Here’s one unique example I stumbled upon while browsing Etsy. My friends have recently persuaded me to try a board game with them, Arkham Horror. Long story short, it’s a role-playing game with lots of little tokens and models and stuff like that.

While the default tokens you get out of the box do the job, they are made out of cardboard and are relatively basic. As such, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw blacksmiths on Etsy selling unique, metal tokens online – often for astonishing prices.

8 Beginner Blacksmithing Projects That Sell Like Crazy | Begin to Blacksmith (6)

These gorgeous tokens made by LuxuryPlaystyle are handmade, solid iron and gold finish coins. As you can see, they are incredibly high quality, with thousands of people having bought these already.

You might be looking at the price tag of $7 per token as if it’s not a lot, but that’s actually quite expensive. You see, for a single board game player, you’re going to need at least 10-20 copies of this particular token, let alone the four or five other tokens out there the board game uses.

Do the math. It’s going to cost me several hundred dollars to replace my ordinary cardboard tokens with these beautiful, high-quality ones instead.

Am I going to do that? Probably not, since the game itself cost only $60 or so. However, many people already have.

This might seem like a weird little example, but I’m sharing this tidbit with you as one of the many niches out there that can make you a killing if you can become a little creative.


Ending this off, I want to just say that more than anything, you should strive to have fun while you’re working on your projects.

I know that the idea of making tons of money is appealing; with many beginner blacksmiths working on projects that sell well but they don’t really enjoy, it’s not a good idea in the long run.

If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, then what are the chances you’re going to make it in the long run.

That’s why you should try to at least strike a balance between making things you enjoy, and making things that sell well online. The more you turn a hobby into a job, the less you will enjoy it.

(Video) Beginner Projects: Forging a Leaf Wall Hook

That’s also why I’ve included eight different examples for you to consider and further branch out from there. Be creative, and you’ll find there’s a fortune for blacksmiths looking to sell products online, if only they know how to find it.

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What is the first thing a beginner blacksmith should make? ›

Making a hook is the first project in Blacksmithing I and helps students begin to develop their tapering, bending, twisting, and punching skills.

What do you need for beginner blacksmithing? ›

The main tools you'll need to get started are a forge, an anvil, a vise, a hammer and tongs. One of the great things about blacksmithing is that you can make many of the tools yourself, as you go.

What are some things a blacksmith can make? ›

Blacksmiths produce objects such as gates, grilles, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils, and weapons.

What is a good starter forge? ›

Propane forge is arguably the best type of forge for beginner blacksmiths. They are affordable, easy to clean, easy to use, and can keep a constant temperature at ease.

Does being a blacksmith pay well? ›

The salaries of Blacksmiths in the US range from $22,060 to $63,560 , with a median salary of $37,730 . The middle 60% of Blacksmiths makes $37,730, with the top 80% making $63,560.

Is blacksmithing a good side hustle? ›

For many people, blacksmithing is a practical side hustle, and many people make it their career. If you're interested in selling your creations, check out local craft fairs or farmer's markets where artists of all mediums and skills gather. You might even be able to find some fellow smiths!

Can you make a living blacksmithing? ›

How much money do blacksmiths make? Blacksmiths that work in structural metal fabricating make an average of $40,000 a year. Self-employed blacksmiths may make more or less, depending on how much work they have and what they charge as independent artists.

What do blacksmiths do all day? ›

Modern-day blacksmiths craft items from wrought iron and steel. They use many of the same tools as their ancestors, including hammers, anvils and pliers, to shape and weld metals. Depending on the job, they may craft wrenches, shovels, jigs and dies, bicycle stands, home decor items, fences and other objects.

Do blacksmiths need math? ›

Beside technical ability and practical skills, blacksmith's need good hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, math skills for measuring and making precise cuts and calculations, and creative and design skills.

Do you need a Licence to blacksmith? ›

There are no licensing requirements relating specifically to blacksmiths.

What makes a good blacksmith? ›

To be reasonably fit, as much of a Blacksmith's work involves physical strength. Good hand-eye co-ordination. An eye for design, if you're working in the craft side of blacksmithing. People skills, if you come into contact with customers as part of your job.

What is a blacksmith called today? ›

Many professions aren't specifically called blacksmiths, but industrial workers such as welders, construction workers, and metalworkers, utilize and practice the same techniques as many blacksmiths. In fact, many of the tools, utensils, and mass-produced items we use daily are thanks to these techniques.

What is the best thing to forge? ›

10 Cool Things to Forge for Beginner Blacksmiths
  • 1) Quillon Dagger.
  • 2) Barn Door Handles.
  • 3) Cobra Bottle Opener.
  • 4) Fire Basket/Brazier.
  • 5) Candle Holder.
  • 6) Creature Figurine.
  • 7) Banana Hanger.
  • 8) Saw Blade Bowl.
Apr 25, 2021

Are blacksmiths still in demand? ›

Blacksmithing, for example, is an ancient trade that despite some downturn during the Industrial Revolution, is still very much alive and thriving. Today, iron forging is a symbol of artistry more than anything else, and is often associated with custom hand-made iron projects.

What steel is easiest to forge? ›

Look for low- and medium-carbon steels. Carbon steels may contain various metals, including chromium, titanium, nickel, cobalt, and more. All these affect the steels' strength. Avoid high-carbon steels, as they're stronger and harder to work with, especially for beginners.

What is the hardest metal to forge? ›

Tungsten: The Strongest Metal on Earth

Coming in at an ultimate strength of 1510 Megapascals, tungsten is one of the toughest metals known to man. Besides tungsten's superior strength, the metal also has the highest melting point of any unalloyed metal.

How many hours a day does a blacksmith work? ›

Hours. You may work between 35 and 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. You would often be self-employed or work in a small business, so your hours would depend on your workload.

How long does it take to become a good blacksmith? ›

The specific time to become a blacksmith varies and can depend on the program enrolled in and if there are other requirements, such as prerequisite courses and a higher education degree. However, the timeframe can typically take around one to two years.

What is the highest paying job? ›

1. Anesthesiologists
  • Median annual salary: $208,000.
  • Industry: Health care.
  • Education needed: Doctorate degree.
Feb 1, 2023

What is the easiest side hustle to make money? ›

Here's our list of the best side hustles that you can do today to start earning more money.
  1. Deliver Food And Groceries. Right behind ridesharing is delivering food and groceries. ...
  2. Ridesharing. ...
  3. Start A Blog. ...
  4. Tutoring. ...
  5. Online Freelancing. ...
  6. Take Online Surveys. ...
  7. Rent Your Car. ...
  8. Deliver For Amazon.
5 days ago

What side jobs make money? ›

27 Side Hustle Ideas
  • Drive for Lyft or Uber. If you like driving, people, and working when you want—check out Lyft or Uber. ...
  • Deliver food. ...
  • Deliver groceries. ...
  • Become a photographer. ...
  • Tutor online. ...
  • Become a transcriptionist. ...
  • Join a focus group or take surveys. ...
  • Teach English.
Feb 27, 2023

How much does a knife maker make? ›

As of Feb 15, 2023, the average annual pay for a Knife Maker in the United States is $37,690 a year.

What metal is used for forging? ›

Typical metals used in forging include carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Very soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper can also be forged. The forging process can produce parts with superb mechanical properties with minimum waste.

Is blacksmithing a skill? ›

Without training on techniques, tools, and equipment, you should not be engaging in blacksmithing work. The first step to this type of metalwork is knowing what skills you need to become a blacksmith in order to work safely and acquire the right training and equipment. Being a blacksmith means having certain skills.

What time do blacksmiths wake up? ›

Blake Smith wakes up a bit after 9:00AM.

Which two things does the blacksmith value most? ›

Blacksmith values honesty and hard work.

The poet says that the blacksmith works with honesty and earns what he can earn easily.

What is a brownsmith? ›

A brownsmith works with brass and copper. A coinsmith works strictly with coins and currency. A coppersmith works with copper. A goldsmith works with gold. A gunsmith builds and repairs firearms.

How long is blacksmith training? ›

Due to the multi-skilled nature of the Blacksmith, training will be three years, allowing for acquisition of the necessary craft skills. Blacksmith skills cover a broad range and they may choose to concentrate on one particular aspect such as artistic, architectural, heritage or industrial.

Is smithing a career? ›

Job Outlook

A modern blacksmith will often be able to find employment with metal fabricators, factories, and manufacturers. The majority of blacksmiths, however, work as ornamental blacksmiths or farriers. Farriers are professionals that take care of horses' feet.

Is smithing a job? ›

You would find jobs in industry, such as engineering manufacture and repair, and in agriculture. There are also opportunities to train as a metalsmith in the Army developing skills as a welder, sheetmetal worker and blacksmith. Many blacksmiths are self-employed, especially artistic blacksmiths.

Can I forge my own sword? ›

Like most forging processes, forging a sword requires patience, experience, and time. With the right tools and safety equipment, you can forge a sword at home. The easiest and least costly way to forge a sword at home is to use stock steel and a belt sander.

How long does it take to become a master blacksmith? ›

It takes at least three years to become a master bladesmith. After you have taken a few blacksmithing and bladesmithing classes, you can apply to become a master bladesmith through the American Bladesmithing Society.

Is blacksmith a hard job? ›

Blacksmithing is not extremely difficult; however, it requires a high level of commitment spiced with hard work and creativity. If you aim to become a professional in this craft, you should be ready to undergo some rigorous learning processes.

What type of anvil is best for blacksmithing? ›

Cast iron anvils are a popular choice for blacksmiths, as they offer a good balance between weight and cost. This anvil from VEVOR weighs in at 88 pounds (40 kg), making it one of the heavier options on this list.

Are blacksmiths strong? ›

Manual labor has always produced great overall strength, but nothing compares to the forearms of blacksmiths. Hammering and lifting pieces of steel all day long makes those forearms really powerful and that gripping strength deadly.

What steel is good for blacksmithing? ›

Carbon steel is the most common variety of steel for manufacturing and smithing purposes alike. Carbon steels can range in their carbon composition.

Can blacksmiths make guns? ›

Absolutely! Before we had precision machines to make firearms, the blacksmith was the go-to expert. There's a whole subset of metalworkers called “gunsmiths.” It's a precision craft that involves tight tolerances and a deep understanding of compressed gases and combustion.

Where do blacksmiths get their metal? ›

Where to find New or Fresh Steel. Most metal supply shops for welding or fabrication carry steel that you can use for your projects. You can even get steel shipped to you from Amazon. Blacksmithing suppliers also often carry new steel, but remember when you buy steel, it's heavy.

Do blacksmiths still make swords? ›

Swords are still being made by modern artisans. Some pursue the traditional methods while others apply modern tools, techniques and materials to the craft. The vast majority of commercially available swords have been made with modern tools and materials as it brings greater profit and less time than hand forging.

What should I burn on my forge? ›

Coal and propane are the most typical fuels used in blacksmith forges. On the East Coast, coal is readily available and therefore more affordable than on the West Coast. Coal burns more efficiently and hotter than wood. Because of its efficiency, the volume of coal needed is substantially less, too.

What is the best fuel for a forge? ›

Bituminous is the coal-of-choice for the blacksmith. It is a soft, mid-grade, black coal. Mined from deeper mines than lignite, it burns much more cleanly.

What is the hottest type of forge? ›

Coal typically burns the hottest of them all, so if you're looking to work with metals with high melting points, a coal solid fuel forge is ideal for you.

Is blacksmithing a dead trade? ›

Once a dying trade, the ancient skill of blacksmithing is undergoing a modern revival as homeowners and hobbyists drive demand for custom-made metal art.

What profession goes well with blacksmithing? ›

Mining. Mining goes well with Engineering and Blacksmithing, as the ore is required to craft useful items for those two professions. In order to Mine a node, you must have a Mining Pick.

How many blacksmiths are left? ›

1) 5,000 to 10,000 Americans work as blacksmiths today.

Today, only around 5,000 to 10,000 people practice the craft. Of those, only 10% do it professionally. Many blacksmiths living today, both in America and worldwide, use their skills as blacksmiths to produce supplemental income.

What is the first step in blacksmithing? ›

Heating is the first step in the blacksmithing process and involves using the forge to heat your materials. Blacksmithing forges come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fuels depending on what materials you're heating. Heating makes your materials softer and more pliable so you can form them in the next steps.

What did early blacksmiths make? ›

In Colonial times community blacksmiths created just about everything made of metal-nails, plows, pots, knives, hinges and latches for doors and windows, kitchen utensils, and horseshoes. the iron and drive off impurities.

What should blacksmith learn to do his work? ›

Level 3 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding Techniques and Skills to get into industrial blacksmithing. T Level in Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control to get some general blacksmithing skills. course in general metalwork or art and design as it might give you an advantage when looking for a job.

What does a blacksmith do for Class 1? ›

A blacksmith is a person who works with iron and steel. The blacksmith hammers hot iron on an anvil to change its shape. Blacksmiths make iron and steel tools. A smith is a person who works in metal.

Can you make a living as a blacksmith? ›

Yes, it's still possible, but it's a hard profession due to a general lack of demand. 150 years ago we were still cornerstones of large and small communities because our skills were needed. Fixing farm implements, creating home hardware, shoeing horses, it was all done by the blacksmith.

How long does it take to master blacksmith? ›

The specific time to become a blacksmith varies and can depend on the program enrolled in and if there are other requirements, such as prerequisite courses and a higher education degree. However, the timeframe can typically take around one to two years.

How do I start my own forge? ›

  1. Step 1: Set up a safe working environment. Always wear safety equipment when working with and around the forge. ...
  2. Step 2: Punch a hole. ...
  3. Step 3: Add legs. ...
  4. Step 4: Add a hole to connect the air supply. ...
  5. Step 5: Add your air supply. ...
  6. Step 6: Insulate your forge. ...
  7. Step 7: Fuel your forge.
Mar 16, 2022

Can a blacksmith make jewelry? ›

Blacksmithing is a wonderful way to craft unique gifts for the people you love. You can make jewelry, accessories, practical tools, and more to give as gifts—you'll have options for anyone on your list.

What is a blacksmith shop called? ›

The place where a blacksmith works is called variously a smithy, a forge or a blacksmith's shop.

Can I teach myself to be a blacksmith? ›

Can I learn blacksmithing at home? Once you understand the fundamentals and have learned from a professional blacksmith, it is possible to set up your own smithy at home for around $500 if you source used equipment.

What metals do blacksmiths use? ›

A blacksmith is a person who works with iron and steel. The blacksmith hammers hot iron on an anvil to change its shape. Blacksmiths make iron and steel tools.

How many hours does a blacksmith work? ›

Blacksmiths usually work between 35 and 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Overtime may be available. Self-employed blacksmiths work as many hours as they need to make their business a success. It can take time for self-employed blacksmiths to develop their professional reputation and contacts.

What do I need to forge a knife? ›

Tools and materials needed for knife forging
  1. Hammer.
  2. Anvil.
  3. Tongs.
  4. Vise.
  5. Chisels, Punches, and Drifts.
  6. Forge.
  7. High carbon or Damascus steel.
  8. Sandpaper.
Mar 28, 2022


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