A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (2023)

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (1)

Listen up Red Legs! This guide will teach you to properly employ artillery in Hell Let Loose and truly make it the King of Battle! Hell Let Loose (HLL) is a fantastic addition to the realistic first-person shooter (FPS) genre. While HLL isn’t and shouldn’t be a full-blown military simulation (mil-sim), it does have interesting game mechanics that require a little bit of thought and skill in order to operate effectively. Artillery in Hell Let Loose is incredibly powerful and one of those elements that require some attention to detail. If you want to use it effectively, there are a few things you have to get right, such as distance, direction, and elevation. The most difficult to master is your gun’s elevation, but we’ve solved that problem by creating a distance-to elevation calculator. Then you must employ those skills in conjunction with good communication with your forward observers to put rounds on target. This guide will quickly review the basics before giving you a detailed break down of artillery mechanics followed by a distilled best practices from real-world call-for-fire (CFF) techniques. By the end, you should be able to shoot first round steel-on-steel and FIRE FOR EFFECT (FFE)!

The Basics

First, we’ll review some basics to make sure we’re all on the same page. Three artillery pieces are allocated to each team and can be found setup as a battery of three guns directly behind the center headquarters spawn for each team. Artillery can only reach the edge of the last two rows of grid squares on the map in order to prevent spawn killing with artillery. Guns can be operated by a two-man crew consisting of a gunner and a loader, however, one man can operate a gun by switching between the gunner and loader seats. After approaching the breach of your artillery piece, hold the F key in order to operate it. Hold the F1 key to switch to the gunner position and the F2 key to switch to the loader position. The gunner is responsible for firing the cannon and controls the elevation and minor deflection changes of the gun tube. The loader is responsible for selecting and loading the appropriate round and can turn the entire gun to make large deflection changes.

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (2)

In the gunner position, you can fire the cannon using the left mouse button (LMB), use the W and S keys to change your gun’s elevation, and use the A and D keys to change your deflection (traverse). You’ll notice in the bottom right corner of your screen in the gunner’s position the status of your breach and your gun’s deflection (traverse) and elevation. The breach status will either be EMPTY or display the type of round that is loaded. The traverse is the gun tube’s direction in degrees off the center gun position. Your gun tube can only move plus or minus 15 degrees left and right off the center gun position. If your target lies outside of this, you must move the gun from the loader position in order to center it on your target. On the left of your screen, you’ll notice a quick reference for your gun’s elevation in MILs (mil-radians) to the corresponding distances to your target. More on this a bit later.

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MILs, or mil-radians, are a highly accurate angular measuring method used by the military for indirect fire in place of degrees. Instead of the 360 degrees typically used to indicate the direction in a circle, the 2 Pi radians of a typical circle is divided into thousandths for a total of 6283 mil-radians. For ease of use, 6283 is rounded up to 6400. One degree roughly consists of 18 MILs, so you can see how it is much more accurate for artillery fire!

As a gunner, you can only see the markers placed by your squad leader and commander through the gun sight. Use the T key to toggle your heads up display and see the observer/fire support markers placed by your commander and squad leader. Line up the desired marker you want to shoot at with the black vertical line of your gun sight then adjust your elevation to the corresponding distance to the target underneath the marker to sight your gun. Now fire to send some STEEL RAIN downrange!

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (3)

In the loader position, you can select either smoke (SMK) by pressing 1 or high explosive (HE) by pressing 2 and then load the selected round by pressing R. If your gunner is unable to traverse the gun onto his target because it is outside the 15 degrees left or right of the center gun position, you can make major deflection changes by centering the gun on target using the A and D keys from the loader position. Major deflection changes can also be used to simply move the gun on target faster, which is where a well-coordinated gun crew using effective communication can put rounds on target faster.

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Artillery Mechanics in Hell Let Loose

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the mechanics of artillery in Hell Let Loose in order to make it deadly accurate. A quick glance at the distance-to-elevation chart on the left of your screen can leave you making large estimations on where to sight your gun. Large estimations mean large errors and the possibility of missing enemy targets or worse, hitting friendlies! What we really need is a ballistics calculator that will give us an exact elevation for the exact distance to our target.

A quick plot of the points on our distance to elevation chart reveals that distance and elevation are linear. This means we can use some basic statistics and linear regression to find the exact equation using distance for x and elevation for y. After some quick work on Microsoft Excel, we can determine the best fit linear equation is y = -0.2370x + 1001.4654 with an R-value of 0.9999. This means that using this equation given a known distance we can find the elevation with 99.99% confidence! How’s that for first round FFE?

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (4)

Armed with our distance to elevation calculator, we can now SHIFT + TAB when playing the game in Steam, click the Web Browser link at the bottom, and load up the calculator page to make elevations calculations quickly and accurately. This makes it possible to put artillery rounds on target with an accurate observation/fire support marker in seconds rather than tens of seconds or even minutes.

Call for Fire in Hell Let Loose

Surprisingly, things don’t become complicated until we get to the communication portion of using artillery in Hell Let Loose. An accurate observer or fire support marker is crucial to getting an accurate distance and direction to sight the gun. As long as an accurate marker is placed, getting rounds on target is easy and fast using the distance-to-elevation calculator.

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Unfortunately, only squad leaders and the commander can place markers, and those placed by squad leaders are hidden from other squads. [EDIT: Recent updates, however, allow temporary “ping” markers by individual soldiers. These can be placed by right clicking on the map and selecting ping. These pings will be temporarily visible on your HUD and give you a distance to your target. ] Combine this with the restrictions on voice communication and lining up accurate artillery fire can be pretty difficult. This is meant to make teamwork, communication, and cooperation crucial to your team’s success, but in open public play, it can be difficult to herd the cats. With this in mind, we’ll look at how to solve this problem using the minimum amount of players and communication possible to be the most effective so that an individual player can request and receive accurate artillery despite these restrictions. To do this, we’ll discuss basic communication, introduce the keypad grid system, and then go over a typical call for fire with an adjust-fire mission using the grid method.

Each player is restricted to proximity and team voice communications and can only see their commander and squad leader’s map markers. This means that the average player can’t speak with a squad leader or member of another squad or see any of the markers those squads have on the map. If your squad leader or commander isn’t placing markers on the map for you to shoot at then using artillery is completely ineffective because, without a marker, it’s impossible to get an accurate distance and direction for your targets. [EDIT: Recent updates, however, allow temporary “ping” markers by individual soldiers. These can be placed by right clicking on the map and selecting ping. These pings will be temporarily visible on your HUD and give you a distance to your target. ]

Squad leaders, however, can use the leadership voice channel in addition to the proximity and team channels and place markers on the map by using his binoculars or holding the 1 through 6 keys and left clicking on the map itself. This is useful if your squad leader is spotting using his markers while squad members are running the guns. If players on other squads are running the battery, however, you’re completely out of luck without direct marker placement by your team’s commander.

The best workaround for this is to man the gun battery with a squad leader so that he can place his own markers on the map. Then, any player can call for fire using the grid method and a simple keypad system in order to orient the squad leader to place markers for accurate fire. Combine this with some simple shorthand in the team chat and anyone can request accurate artillery fire with just a squad leader acting as a gunner and any player acting as a forward observer.

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The map in Hell Let Loose can be brought up by using the M key. You’ll notice an alphanumeric grid system with letters across the top and numbers down the side. This system is good for indicating a general area but isn’t accurate enough for artillery fire. If you zoom in close enough (5x Zoom or higher) by using your mouse scroll wheel, however, you’ll notice that each grid square is broken down into a 10 by 10 grid. Following the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) convention, an extremely accurate position can be passed using factors of 10 and reading these locations right and then up on a scale of 0 to 100.

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (5)

This can be a bit tedious, however, and requires you to bury yourself into your map. Additionally, artillery has a large splash, so as long as the target is a safe distance away from friendly troops, immediate suppression is often more important than extreme accuracy. We can achieve this speed by dividing each square into a keypad system, a technique typically used for close air support (CAS) and close combat attack (CCA) to orient pilots that are moving quickly above the battlefield rather than stationary in a gun pit. With this system, we can quickly relay fairly accurate locations for artillery fire and do so “on the fly.” Combined with a squad leader located at the gun battery, a keypad location can make a quick adjust fire mission put rounds on target in less than a minute.

First, let’s cover how the keypad system works. Each grid square is subdivided into 9 keypads in a 3 by 3 pattern just like the keypad of a phone as shown below. Keep in mind this based off a phone keypad with the numeral 1 starting in the top left corner and working right and down. This is in contrast to the number pad on the right-hand side of your keyboard, where the numeral 1 is in the bottom left and numbers go right and up.

A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (6)

To make a quick call for fire, a player can simply call out a grid and keypad. In this case, the Bravo fire support marker is in E4 keypad 2 (read as ECHO FOUR KEYPAD TWO), which we can shorthand E4k2. The Bravo observe marker is in D4k7, which is read as DELTA FOUR KEYPAD SEVEN. Combined with the large splash for HE artillery rounds, this system is quick and effective for adjusting fire onto enemy targets.

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A Guide to Artillery in Hell Let Loose (7)

Blackheart 5 is a US Army Officer with three combat deployments. He enjoys playing Hell Let Loose because it is fast-paced, entertaining, fun, and maintains enough realistic elements without making gameplay painful. Blackheart 5 originally cut his multiplayer gaming teeth playing the Half-Life modification Day of Defeat on 56k dial-up.


How do you let artillery hell loose? ›

Hell Let Loose Artillery Tutorial | Easy 100+ Kills Every Match! - YouTube

Are there mortars in hell let loose? ›

Mortars and tracked artillery are already confirmed as additions for after 1.0.

What is considered artillery? ›

Definition of artillery

1 : weapons (such as bows, slings, and catapults) for discharging missiles. 2a : large bore mounted firearms (such as guns, howitzers, and rockets) : ordnance especially : such ordnance that is capable of long-range indirect fire at a target too distant to be seen.

How many meters is a square in Hell Let Loose? ›

Each grid is 200 meters by 200 meters square. It takes 50 secs to cross a grid while running.

Can you destroy artillery in Hell Let Loose? ›

The guns need a rework so that they can be destroyed/disabled for either a certain amount of time or require a large amount of resources to repair so that artillery suppression can be an achievable goal without having to camp it all game.

Who can use artillery in Hell Let Loose? ›

Operators. Any infantry may operate Artillery, although it is best to do so in a solo locked squad as an Officer, allowing you to coordinate with command and to place and view markers on the map. The gun may be manned by up to 2 infantry, a gunner and a loader.

Will the British be in Hell Let Loose? ›

In-game. The British Army is set to appear in Hell Let Loose as one of the Allies, fighting the German Army on the Western Front.

How do you call in airstrike in Hell Let Loose? ›

You can, just place down the marker, then click on it. The direction should be indicated by a small arrow on the end of the circle. Click until it is pointing in the direction you want, then confirm the order. Thank you all.

What tanks are in Hell Let Loose? ›

The M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Sherman is a heavy tank featured in Hell Let Loose. It is distinguished by its flat frontal armor and longer 76mm cannon with muzzle brake. The M4A3E2 Sherman is the large caliber heavy tank used by US forces in Hell Let Loose.

How many maps are in Hell Let Loose? ›

Hell Let Loose was in Early Access for some time but fully launches on Steam boasting this 50v50 player game that now has a total of 11 maps from both the Eastern and Western fronts.


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