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Architect-designed flats in Solrød

Green Hills is a modern residential property with space for all generations, built on the visions of sustainability, aesthetics, functionality and openness. The courtyard of the property opens up to the natural resorts to the north, and the well equipped communal facilities provide the ideal framework for a thriving residential community.

Green Hills is more than just a property, it's an oasis. Here, security, closeness and everyday balance are paramount, and relationships grow naturally from the buzz of communal living.

As a tenant, you will live in green surroundings in Solrød Syd, which offers both a coastal city atmosphere, a vibrant leisure life and magnificent nature experiences.

The property was designed by the award-winning architects of Danielsen Architecture, and Danielsen Urban Landscape created the green spaces between the buildings.

The 294 rental units range in size from 2 to 6 rooms, from 56 to 200+ square metres, and cover a variety of flat types and floor plans, with theBovieran senior living community being situated in the middle of the courtyard. Whatever your age, phase of life or family type, you can find a home to make your own.

The first homes are expected to be ready for occupation by the end of 2022.

Welcome home to Green Hills!

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It will be ready for move-in on and the apartment is expected to be released a few months before this.

Please contact us for more information.

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Your search gave 30 available apartments

Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: April 15, 2023 20-1622-1158 Green Hills Fortunas Have 28, st. 2 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1158 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK13,100 4 91
Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: April 15, 2023 20-1622-1203 Green Hills Fortunas Have 22, 5. 1 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1203 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK13,900 4 103
Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: March 15, 2023 Unique 3-bedroom flat with 2 balconies and the option of creating office space Green Hills Fortunas Have 13, 3. 1 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1029 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK12,900 4 100
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Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: ASAP Well-designed 4-bedroom flat for a large family with children, with access to two balconies Green Hills Fortunas Have 13, 4. 1 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1031 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK13,300 5 100
Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: ASAP Well-designed 5 bedroom apartment for the big family Green Hills Fortunas Have 23, 3. 2 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1104 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK12,900 4 100
Kontakt EDC for fremvisning - 3330 7800 Acquisition: ASAP Well-designed 5 bedroom apartment for the big family Green Hills Fortunas Have 23, 4. 2 2680 Solrød Strand Reference no. 20-1622-1106 Mthly. rent Rooms m² DKK13,100 5 100

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Enjoy the view from your balcony in Green Hills

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Room for mischief

Green Hills | Balder (111)

Basket of blankets, yoga mat and magazine

Green Hills | Balder (112)

Mother and daughter having fun


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Welcome inside

Your Green Hills flat is made for modern living. The bright heart of the home is the multifunctional kitchen-dining area where there is room for homework, company, sofa time, weekday dinners and gourmet cooking. Here you can truly create a home you look forward to coming home to.

Green Hills | Balder (122)

The sleek Invita kitchen and oak floors create a modern and friendly look with room for your personal style. Large windows extend from floor to ceiling, bringing light to every room.

Green Hills | Balder (123)

Large bathroom

The flat's spacious bathroom makes for a great start to the day, and you will without a doubt appreciate the underfloor heating on cold winter mornings.

Green Hills | Balder (124)

The floor plans are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can furnish your flat according to your individual wishes and needs. Your everyday life determines the direction.

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Step into the view

All flat from the first floor up have at least one balcony, several have two – and if you stay on the ground floor, you can step directly out onto a screened terrace facing the lush courtyard. Balconies are sheltered by elegant glass screens, and a trellis of beautiful climbing plants ensures secluded privacy on balconies facing the road.

With a busy schedule, it will bring our tenants added quality of life to step directly outside and relax while enjoying beautiful views and open skies. The outdoor areas are large enough to feel like a natural extension of your home, providing space for both quiet mornings with coffee or friends visiting for a glass of wine in the warm summer evenings.

Green Hills | Balder (125)

Green hills with big ambitions

Green Hills is named for its distinctive architecture that grows out of the landscape. The architects from Danielsen Architecture have created the property with equal parts dedication to aesthetics and functionality – designed from the inside out with people and the environment in mind, so that beauty and function are united and no detail is left to chance.

The two hills are covered with a specially selected evergreen sedum grass, which both draws nature upwards and completes the architectural expression while contributing to both climate-safe rainwater management and local biodiversity.

The facades have a modern and open look featuring red-brown hues inspired by terracotta-coloured mountains and stucco houses often seen in southern Europe. The balcony system is also beautiful and functional with glass screens that both serve as noise barriers and enhance the inviting aesthetic. Wooden clad planter boxes and screening wooden slats give the facade a green hue letting light shine through while creating a sense of privacy in the flats' integrated outdoor spaces.

Green Hills | Balder (126)

Green Hills facade of the corner of Cordozabej and Tåstrupvej

Green Hills | Balder (127)

Rental units rendering

Green Hills | Balder (128)

Perspectiv of facade facing Tåstrupvej

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Green Hills | Balder (129)

View of Green Hills from the south


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Green Hills | Balder (138)

All materials have been selected with respect for aesthetics and functionality, and special attention has been paid to ensure that the property will live and shine for many years to come. Green Hills is built with quality materials that are both long-lasting and low-maintenance to the benefit of both residents and the planet.

Green Hills is pre-certified to gold under the DGNB sustainability scheme, which has high sustainability requirements. DGNB is based on a holistic understanding of sustainability where the environment, social issues and the economy are given equal weight. The property is expected to receive a final gold certificate upon completion.

Green Hills | Balder (139)

Natural harmony between aesthetics and experience

Between the two high hills, you'll find Green Hills' more-than-usual ambitious green spaces. On the approximately 4 hectares, a lush hilly landscape is created with room for everyone leaving plenty of opportunity for reflection, adventure and socialising.

Take a stroll down the winding paths that wind through the area, expanding into small seating areas in the sun and the shade. Get carried away by the kids' fun and games in the play areas, have a chat with a neighbour on a cosy bench, or take a seat in a quiet area ideal for contemplation.

Among the hills, you will also find the lake, which contributes to the aesthetic and the property design's environmental and climate considerations. During heavy rains, the lake expands and transforms the hills into an island landscape where bridges and a cable car invite you to live life to the fullest. At the same time, the retention of water ensures that local sewers are not overloaded. Last, but not least, the lake helps to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the area all year round.

Sensual and functional

The plants have been carefully selected with inspiration from the surrounding nature to the north, and a variety of full-crowned oak and beech trees and smaller trees, such as rowan and birch trees, create a living landscape to explore, both by foot and with the eyes. Flowering shrubs, such as lilac and forsythia, further delight the senses whilst also acting as natural windbreaks.

The grasslands vary in expression to create a perfect balance between functionality, biodiversity and nature experiences. You will find both short-cropped areas that are ideal for playing and ball games and small meadows with variations of herbs and grasses in bloom enticing people of all ages to explore nature.

Connected to the environment

Convenient path systems safely and easily connect Green Hills with the surrounding area, which comes in handy whether you are exploring the area on foot, by bike or pushing a pram. Common areas are lit in the evenings, and lifts and ground-level access points ensure that everyone can get around and enjoy the many facilities on offer.

Everyday living with connection and balance

Green Hills is more than your home. Instead of dedicating square metres to the yoga mat, telework and the big toolbox in your flat, we have created a range of meaningful communal facilities as an extension of your home. It is good for building relationships, pooling resources and not least everyone's finances when we share facilities in a meaningful way.

Green Hills | Balder (140)
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In the flexible multi-purpose room, you can start the day by engaging in morning yoga or play badminton with your neighbours, among other energising activities.

Green Hills | Balder (141)

Function room

Life events, big and small, can be celebrated in the beautifully decorated function room that offers plenty of opportunities for communal dining or game nights with your new neighbours.

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Safe everyday living in a vibrant city

Solrød's cosy town centre is filled with speciality shops for young and old, and offers activities all year round – from Christmas markets to Friday jazz concerts to flea markets and spring-time concerts. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, and it is a place where people smile and greet each other across generations.

The long beach is the centre of many activities, such as kayaking and sauna, and it is often along the coast line that you meet friends and neighbours, whether these are planned or spontaneous get-togethers.

The city offers a wide range of leisure and association activities; in fact, more than half of the municipality's citizens are members of an association, so people of all ages have plenty of opportunities to find communities that suit their interest and pursue an active lifestyle.

With two primary and lower secondary schools, several private schools, day care centres, an upper secondary school and an upper secondary shorter general education programme, the city is a good base for families throughout all stages of childhood and adolescence. At the same time, the wealth of shopping opportunities ensure that all your everyday needs are met locally.

Whether you walk, cycle, drive or use public transport, the well-functioning infrastructure ensures that you can easily reach your destination in Solrød or farther away. Footpath systems enable young and old to safely walk around the city, and from nearby Jersie Station, the S-train runs to Copenhagen Central Station in just half an hour.

Located in the midst of nature's treasure chest

Solrød is surrounded by unique nature on all sides, so the whole area offers a variety of outdoor experiences. Good path systems invite you to go walking, running or cycling, and the municipality's six kilometres of coastline offer plenty of fresh sea air and swimming opportunities.

Explore Trylleskoven by the beach where you'll find shelter, barbecue areas and petting goats, discover the diverse wildlife in Karlstrup and Jersie marshes, or watch birds on Staunings Ø, which has been designated by the EU as a habitat area.

Green Hills | Balder (142)

Living in rental housing at Balder should be easy. We take care of the communal facilities and the green spaces – and of course we are glad to help you with your dripping tap or broken washing machine.

It is important to us that we are close to you, the residents. This is why we are setting up a property management office on the ground floor of Green Hills where you will be able to meet the permanent operational and administrative staff. We regularly organise small and large residents' events, so you can meet your Balder neighbours from both Green Hills and other properties.

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Architecture Danielsen Architecture and Danielsen Urban Landscape
Size Size2-6 rooms spread over 56-212 sqm.
Number of plans Single-floor and duplex flats
Move in date End of 2022 for first stage
Central location 750 metres to S-train, 2,300 metres to Køge north station and 520 metres to motorway E47. The beach can be accessed
Heating source district heating
Facilities Indoor fitness room with treadmills, rowing machines, etc. As well as an indoor multipurpose room for badminton, yoga or Zumba
Common areas Green courtyard in a safe environment offering plenty of outdoor activities such as exercise facilities, playgrounds, etc. The courtyard also contains streams, which contribute to a sensory experience.
Rooms RoomsCommon rooms can be rented for parties and events
Parking Off-road parking spaces
Pets Option of pet permit for one pet per rental unit
Move-in 1. stage - 15/10- 2022. 2. stage – 15/12-2022

Rental terms

Deposit 3 months’ rent (deposit)
Prepaid rent 1 month + 1st month’s rent incl. water and heat
Rental period Unlimited
Term of notice The period of commitment is 12 months – i.e., the lease is not terminable during the first 9 months. After this, there is a 3-month period of notice.
Rent increase Regulated in accordance with net price index + direct and indirect taxes from 2024
Number of residents The apartments can be occupied by as many adults as there are bedrooms for
All tenants will be checked in RKI. You will not be able to rent an apartment if you are registered in RKI.

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Green Hills | Balder (143)

Green Hills is administered by EDC Projekt Poul Erik Bech. If you are interested in more information don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Phone:33 30 78 00

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