Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (2023)

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (1)

India is a land of diversity not only in terms of culture, religion and beliefs but also in the weather conditions. While some regions experiences the unbearable heat of 50 degree Celsius and creating havoc in the lives of the people other zones faces the bone-chilling cold breeze, making it all the more difficult to even step out.

Indeed, India is an exotic land which comes with endless options for travellers, but there are also several places in it which should be planned to travel carefully and at the most perfect time. So, to make your research easy, we bring to the top hottest and coldest places in India where you can travel right according to the weather.

Coldest Places in India

Drass, Jammu and Kashmir

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (2)

Situated at an elevation of 3350 m, Drass is the coldest place in India and second to the coldest inhabited region on Earth. The average temperature during winter season goes down to -23 ºC. Called as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, Drass is located on Srinagar-Leh , close to the LOC between India and Pakistan and takes you to some of the most coldest experiences. Leh – Ladakh, Rohtang Pass and Kargil areas of India are also the most coldest places in the country.

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (3)

Spiti valley is the coldest desert mountain valley that connects Ladakh with Tibet. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, this exciting land is one of the coldest places in India, where temperature vary between -30C to -40C. The winter season performs a beautiful white makeup by shrouding the valley with snow and making it look all the more fascinating.

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Sela Pass, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

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Sited at 4,170 m in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, Sela is a high altitude pass that remains snow covered all throughout the year. Seland Pass connects the Buddhist town of Tawang to Tezpur and Guwahati and is a popular summer holiday destination in India. In winter season, the temperature can drop upto - 10°c and can create tough conditions for survival. The place is enclosed by beautiful lakes, lush greenery and tranquility to create some unforgettable memories.

Kargil, Ladakh

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (5)

Located at 8,780 feet in the Kargil district of Ladakh region, Kargil City, is the second largest town of Ladak. The average temperature of this fascinating land remains around 8 degree Celsius but, in winters it can go down upto -40 degree Celsius making it one of the coldest places in India. Apart from this, Kargil is also perfect for all the adventure lovers. One can explore places like Sani, Pashkum, Rangdum, Mulbek and Zongkhul for a complete travel experience.


Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (6)

Indeed a trip to Leh-Ladakh is in every traveler’s bucket list but, do you know this high altitude region is also one of the coldest places in India. One is allowed to visit the place only during June to September as rest months of the year witness heavy rainfall and is impossible to even reach. The average temperature of the region in the summer season remains 7 degree Celsius whereas in winter, the temperature falls down to -42 degree Celsius.

Hemkund Sahib,Uttarakhand

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (7)

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Enclosed by the seven snow-covered mountains peaks, Hemkund Sahib is a famous Sikh pilgrimage place situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The place is located at an altitude of 4,362m and is one of the coldest regions in India. Hemkund Sahib remains accessible only during the summer season as in winters, it remains totally covered with snow and one can never make it considering the harsh weather conditions. Making your trip more compelling is the ‘Valley of flowers’ located nearby and offering the magnificent colors of the flowers all around.

North Sikkim

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (8)

Surrounded by the snow-covered mountains, Northern Sikkim is a beautiful land of India. However, its rough terrain and harsh climate make it an extremely difficult region to visit. The two coldest places in Northern Sikkim are Lachen and Thangu Valley. With the temperature dropping to as low as -15°c in the extreme winter, the lands become impossible to reach and to even survive.

Srinagar,Jammu, and Kashmir

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (9)

Located at an altitude of 1,585 m Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and a famous tourist attraction Of India. The average temperature of the place remains around 25 degree Celsius in summers whereas in winter, it can fall to -2 degrees Celsius at night when everything freezes. Roads often get blocked creating havoc for the tourist.
Though the chilling breeze of winter make it difficult to visit Srinagar in winters but, the scenic atmosphere of the winter season is surely something you just cant miss.

Hottest Places in India

Palodhi, Rajasthan

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (10)

Palodhi in Rajasthan is hottest place in India with maximum recorded temperature of 51 degree Celsius. The city encounters soaring temperature and has some tributaries which tend to dry up in the scorching heat of the sun. India recorded its highest ever temperature of 51 degrees Celsius in town of Phalodi of Rajasthan in the year 2016

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Nagpur is the famous orange city in the state of Maharashtra. It is the second capital of Maharashtra and one of the hottest places in India followed by Chandrapur and Wardha that experiences high temperature. The highest recorded temperature of the city went to 48 degrees Celsius making it really for the inhabitants to survive. Otherwise, the city experiences huge number of tourist all throughout the year.

Titlagarh, Odisha

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (12)

Situated in the state of Odisha, Titlagarh is the hottest place in India especially during summer seasons. The temperature of the town rises up to 43 degrees Celsius during the day making it really difficult for the people to step out of their homes. The city is well known for its every so bustling markets and lively nightlife which makes it a popular place in Odisha.


Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (13)

Situated in Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur is the hottest place in India with temperature soaring heights in summers. The place is located near to the Tropic of Cancer and because of this; it remains so heated up that the daytime makes it impossible for the people to step out of their houses. It lies 220 km below the Tropic of Cancer and thus receives 10% more radiation of sun as compared to the other cities.

Rentachintala, Andhra Pradesh

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Rentachintala is a village in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh and one of the hottest places in India. The village experiences tropical dry and hot climatic conditions. The scorching heat of the sun in the village sometimes even crosses 45 degrees Celsius making really difficult to even step out. The highest recorded temperature was 52 degrees Celsius in May 2012.

Ramagundam, Telangana

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (15)

Located in the Peddapalli district of Telangana, Ramagundam is one of the hottest regions in India. The summer season of Ramagundam city is extreme with the highest recorded temperature in the area soaring to 47.3 Celsius, creating a bit of chaos in survival. The city boasts of a National Thermal Power station along with several open-cast coal mines, which is assumed to be the major reason for it being a city too hot to handle.

Banda, Uttar Pradesh

Most Coolest and Hottest Places in India (16)

Popular for the Shajar stone, the Banda district in Uttar Pradesh is the hottest place in Uttar Pradesh state. The temperature of the region touches to 48 degrees Celsius. The city displays extreme weather conditions in both summers and winters. The temperature here in winters dips as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Residents of the city also face a lot of trouble by the disrupted lifestyle due to elevated temperatures here.So, what are you waiting for? Book yourtrain ticketswith EaseMyTrip now!

Note: If you are planning a trip to any of these sun-soaked places, make sure to pack your umbrella, shades, and sunscreens along because not even the scorching heat of the sun should stop you from exploring these amazing treasures of India.


Which is the most hottest place in India? ›

Titlagarh. Titlagarh, in the state of Odisha, is the hottest spot in India, especially in the summer. It is quite difficult for individuals to leave their houses throughout the day since the town's temperature soars to 43 degrees Celsius.

What are the top 5 hottest places in India? ›

Some of the famous hottest cities of India are Delhi and Agra, where the highest temperature can record as high as 43°C. Places in Rajasthan like Churu make it top with a record 50°C during summer. Pilani and Rohtak are also considered very hot during the summers when temperature reaches a peak of around 47°C.

Which is most coldest place in India? ›

The coldest places in India right now to escape heat wave
  • Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. ...
  • Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. ...
  • Sikkim. ...
  • Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. ...
  • Rohtang Pass, Manali. ...
  • Munsiyari, Uttarakhand. ...
  • Leh. ...
  • Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh.
20 May 2022

Which city in India has best climate? ›

5 best cities to live in based on pleasant weather conditions
  1. Pune. Pune is the second most popular district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. ...
  2. Belgaum. Located in the Western Ghats, the Belgaum city of Karnataka. ...
  3. Bangalore. ...
  4. Hyderabad. ...
  5. Chandigarh.
11 May 2022

Which is world hottest place? ›

Dallol, Ethiopia

Extremely remote and set in the far north of Ethiopia, Dallol is a tiny village known for setting records. It's the hottest year-round spot in the world, with the average annual high temperature coming in at a blistering 106.1 degrees F.

Which is the second hottest city in India? ›

Hottest Places in India Where The Sun Gets Scorching
  • Sri Ganganagar: The Hottest Place in India. Source. ...
  • Jhansi. ...
  • Nagpur. ...
  • Daltonganj. ...
  • Bilaspur. ...
  • Vijayawada. ...
  • Rentachintala. ...
  • Titlagarh.

Which state in India has the best climate? ›

Without further ado, let's take a look at the list of the best weather cities in India.
  • Thekkady.
  • Bangalore.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Nainital.
  • Mysore.
  • Srinagar.
  • Shimla.
  • Nashik.
9 Oct 2019

Is India the hottest place on Earth? ›

Click on a tile for details. The first step in determining the hottest country in the world is to decide what qualifies a country as the hottest.
Hottest Countries in the World 2022.
CountryAverage Yearly Temperature (°C)Average Yearly Temperature (°F)
139 more rows

Which city in India has worst weather? ›

Mawsynram–Reportedly the wettest place on Earth, Mawsynram lies in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya in northeast India. Even for people staying here and close to this place can have the most uncomfortable time, especially during the monsoon months when the rain is above 2000mm.

Why Bangalore climate is cool? ›

The following reasons explain how we remain cool even during the summer. 1) Bangalore is located at the centre of the southern peninsula. The city is flanked by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on either sides. India has two monsoon branches (the Arabian sea branch and the Bay of Bengal branch).

Which state is hottest in India? ›

Situated in the state of Odisha, Titlagarh is the hottest place in India especially during summer seasons. The temperature of the town rises up to 43 degrees Celsius during the day making it really difficult for the people to step out of their homes.

Which is the hottest and coldest place? ›

The hottest and coldest places on Earth
  • Dallol, Ethiopia. Coming in third on our hot list is this geographical wonderland of acidic hot springs, sub-aerial volcanoes and salt formations. ...
  • Aziziyah, Libya. ...
  • Death Valley, California, USA. ...
  • Verkhoyansk, Russia. ...
  • Eismitte, Greenland. ...
  • Vostok, Antarctica.
5 Feb 2019

Why is Mumbai so hot? ›

The Climate of Mumbai is a tropical, wet and dry climate. Mumbai's climate can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensure temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year.

Where is it best to live in India? ›

8 best cities in India to live and work
  • Best cities to live in India: Mumbai.
  • Best cities to live in India: Bengaluru.
  • Best cities to live in India: Pune.
  • Best cities to live in India: Kolkata.
  • Best cities to live in India: Navi Mumbai.
  • Best cities to live in India: Surat.
  • Best cities to live in India: Chennai.
22 Nov 2022

Which is the safest city to live in India? ›

The 2021 CII report gives crime rates for 19 of India's metropolitan cities. The numbers show that Kolkata is the safest city in the country and Delhi is the city with the highest crime after adjusting for population.

What is the hottest world in the world? ›

Death Valley holds the record for the highest air temperature on the planet: On 10 July 1913, temperatures at the aptly named Furnace Creek area in the California desert reached a blistering 56.7°C (134.1°F).

What is the 2nd hottest country? ›

Burkina Faso, which borders Mali, is the second-hottest country on earth. With an average yearly temperature of 83.68°F (28.71°C), Burkina Faso gets a lot of heat! You'll find Burkina Faso in the western part of Africa, with the majority in the Sahel but a small part in the Sahara desert.

What is the 10 hottest place on Earth? ›

12 of the hottest places on Earth
  • Death Valley, California.
  • Kebili, Tunisia.
  • Mitribah, Kuwait.
  • Turbat, Pakistan.
  • Dallol, Ethiopia.
  • Aziziyah, Libya.
  • Wadi Halfa, Sudan.
  • Dasht-e Lut, Iran.
9 Aug 2022

Which is the hottest place in Asia? ›

The hottest country in Asia is the United Arab Emirates. This, however, is based on dry heat levels, which can be intolerable in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As far as heat and humidity levels, Israel is the hottest country in Asia.

Which is the third hottest city in India? ›

As per the El Dorado Weather, Kayes city of Mali is the hottest place on earth with 44.4 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, Segou of Mali is second in the list with 43.8 degrees Celsius whereas Chandrapur is third in the list.

Which is the 3rd hottest city in the world? ›

Kayas (Mali) registered a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius with Yelimane (Mali) closely following it at 44.8 degrees Celsius and then Chandrapur ranking at the third position. Akola registered a temperature of 43.2 degrees C and Nagpur recorded the temperature of 42.1 degrees C.

Which is the No 1 smart city in India? ›

The smart town Bhopal was given the top spot in the most recent assessment for 2022 by the Union Ministry of Housing and Concrete Affairs. It is the nation of Madhya Pradesh's capital, and it is home to around 2.5 million people.

Which state is most peaceful in India? ›

Resting amidst the splendid valley of Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is considered to be the most peaceful place in India.

Which state is called heart of India? ›

Madhya Pradesh is known as the “Heart of India” because of a lot many things that it has to offer. It has been home to cultural and spiritual heritage of almost all the religions. Innumerable monuments, intricately carved temples, stupas, forts and palaces are dotted all over the State.

Is Australia hotter than India? ›

Is Australia hotter than India? India is closer to the equator as compared to Australia, and is therefore expected to be hotter. The average temperature in most of the interior regions of India is 90–104 °F. Whereas in Australia the average temperature in summer is 86 °F.

Which country has best weather? ›

  • Portugal. #1 in Pleasant climate. #26 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Greece. #2 in Pleasant climate. #25 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Spain. #3 in Pleasant climate. ...
  • New Zealand. #4 in Pleasant climate. ...
  • Italy. #5 in Pleasant climate. ...
  • Costa Rica. #6 in Pleasant climate. ...
  • Brazil. #7 in Pleasant climate. ...
  • Argentina. #8 in Pleasant climate.

Is India Hot or cold? ›

The climate in India is very warm, with an annual average of 32 degrees, but has few truly tropical and sultry months. It is warm to hot all year round and invites to bathe at average water temperatures of 28 degrees. The warmest and also rainiest greaster region is Central. The coldest is North Eastern.

What is the coldest place in Asia? ›

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Which place rains most in India? ›

"Mawsynram is at present the wettest place in India, with an average annual rainfall of 11802.4 mm (average of the 1974-2022 period). Cherrapunji receives 11359.4 mm of rainfall in a year (average of the 1971-2020 period)," Sunit Das, Scientist E at IMD's regional centre in Guwahati told PTI.

Which city has the perfect weather? ›

The No. 1 city with the best weather in the U.S.? Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu took the top spot with an average annual temperature of 77.7 degrees. While the city endures an average of 93 rainy days per year, it also averages 90 sunny days and zero days where the temperature dips below freezing.

Which city in India rains the most? ›

Mawsynram (/ˈmɔːsɪnˌrʌm/) is a town in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in Northeastern India, 69 kilometres from Shillong, the state capital. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.

Is Bangalore cooler than Shimla? ›

According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), the Garden City, that is already known for its weather, is cooler than hill stations like Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh, and Mussoorie, in Uttarakhand.

Is Bangalore cooler than Delhi? ›

Bangalore has best climate in india (metro Cities). Summer time the temprature goes around 40-41 but only for some days and there will be rain in the evening so again evening is cool. In winter also there is not that cold like Delhi the avg low temperature is 13-15 in Bangalore.

Is Pune colder than Bangalore? ›

Bangalore has the best climate among all in every season. Pune goes little hot in summer. Apart from it, it is nearly same as Bangalore. Hyderabad is extremely hot in summer, but is balmy in other seasons.

Which city is coldest in winter? ›

The Coldest Cities In The World
  • Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia. TEH HAN LIN / Barcroft Media via Getty Images. ...
  • Yakutsk, Russia. ...
  • Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. ...
  • International Falls, Minnesota, United States. ...
  • Snag, Yukon, Canada. ...
  • Fraser, Colorado. ...
  • Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. ...
  • Fairbanks, Alaska.
3 Nov 2022

Which city is hottest in summer? ›

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol holds the official record for highest average temperature for an inhabited place on Earth. From 1960 to 1966, the annual mean temperature of the locality was 34.4 °C (93.9 °F), while the average daily maximum temperature during the same period was recorded as a scorching 41.1 °C (106.0 °F).

Is Chennai hot or cold? ›

Chennai is nestled on the south east coast of India and roles in the tropical zone. The assemblage of these two makes Chennai weather extremely hot and humid. During the summers, the temperature goes as high as 45 °C whereas it drops to around 30 °C during the night.

Can I wear shorts in Mumbai? ›

In touristy beach areas like Goa, shorts are perfectly fine, and in cities like Mumbai shorts are commonly worn too (by women as well as men).

Does Maharashtra have snow? ›

In some places, the `snow` was thick enough for people to scrape, make snowballs and hurl at each other, presenting an experience of a lifetime in Mahabaleshwar, standing at 1,435 metres. "This is unbelievable. It`s just like Kashmir and Manali in Maharashtra.

Is it safe in Mumbai? ›

According to the research, Mumbai, India ranks 8th with a family safety score of 3.27/10.

Which is the hottest city and which is the coldest city? ›

(ii) Jammu is the hottest city and Bangalore is the coldest city.
CityDifference in the minimum and maximum temperature on 20.06.2006
Bangalore\text{28}{}^\circ \text{C}-\text{21}{}^\circ \text{C }=\text{ 7}{}^\circ \text{C}
Chennai\text{36}{}^\circ \text{C}-\text{27}{}^\circ \text{C }=\text{ 9}{}^\circ \text{C}
6 more rows


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