Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Become a Meteorologist (2023)

Meteorology is becoming more and more popular, butit's still a fairly uncommonfield of study. If you have the smallest inkling of fascination.Here are nine reasons why a career in theweather sciences may be a good fit for you.

Maybe a 4-year degree isn't feasible for you—that's okay! There are still ways you can contribute to your local and national weather communities.


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Get Paid to Be a Weather Geek

If you're going to talk about troughs and ridgesregardless, you might as well get paid to do it, right?


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Master the Art of Small Talk

Weather is a go-to conversation starterbecause it's a universal, neutral topic. As a meteorologist whose business is weather, you canamaze strangers and acquaintances alike with your extensiveknowledge.But don't just be a show-off! Take theopportunity to share your insightand communicate the beauty ofweather to others. I guarantee they'll not only be fascinated with you, butwith the weather too ... well, at least more fascinated with it than before you said anything.


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Career Longevity Guaranteed

Weather happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, which means there will always be ademand for meteorologists. In fact, employment of atmospheric scientists is projected to grow by 10% from 2012 to 2022. Think of it as built-in job security, courtesy of Mother Nature herself.


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You Were Born to Do This

Being a meteorologist is more of a vocationthan it isa profession. In other words, one doesn't randomly choose to study the weather. No, there's usually some reason for doing so—an unforgettableweather event or experience thatmade a lasting mark on you, a weather phobia, or an innate fascination that hasnospecific origin butsimply hasalways been a part of you for as long as you can remember.

Regardless of where yourinterest originates from, there's a reason why you possess it.Think of it this way:everyone else in the world experiences weather too, but not everyoneis an enthusiast. So if you find you're unusually drawn to weather, don't ignore your calling.

Be a Leading Voice on Climate

Climate change and global warming are changing the face ofweather patterns and trends as we know it. As we tread into unknown climate territory, more resources will need to be devoted to what our future holds. You can be a part of the solution by educating our world on how climate change will impact our environment, weather, and our health.


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Contribute to Weather Advancements

Even in today's modern age of weather alerts via text message, there is still so much to be done in order to better our understanding of weather phenomena and improve forecastsand forecast lead times.


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Help Protect Life and Property

At the heart of being a meteorologist is a spirit of public service. We provide useful information and advice to friends, family, and our communities so that they may take appropriate action to protect their own lives, the lives of loved ones, and the property.


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No Ordinary Office Days

There's a saying among us meteorologists that goes "the only thing constant about weather is that it is always changing." The week might start off withfair skies, but by Wednesday, there could be a building threat forexcessive heat.

Not only does the weather itself vary, but depending on yourcareer focus, your on-the-jobresponsibilities might also varyfrom one day to the next. Why, some days, you may not be in the office at all! From doing "on location" segments toconducting damage surveys.


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Work Anywhere

The market for some careers isn't as good in some placesas it is in others—but nottrue for meteorology!

Whether you want to stay in your hometown, move to Timbuktu, or go somewherein-between, your services will always be needed because each of those places (andeverywhere else on Earth) has weather.

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The only thingthat may somewhat limit where you go is the type of weather you want tospecializein(you wouldn't want to go to Seattle, Washingtonif you wanted to research tornadoes) and which employer(federal or private) you'd like to work for.


Why would I want to be a meteorologist? ›

Most people who get into meteorology do so for the love of all things weather and climate, not for the money. Diverse skills and a willingness to seek a variety of weather and climate related jobs ensure a long, fulfilling career.

What are some advantages to being a meteorologist? ›

An advantage for meteorologists is that they are able to predict future weather and potentially save lives during an emergency (Clary 1). Another advantage would be the nationwide opportunities (Clary 1). Since weather constantly occurs consistently around the world, job opportunities can be found in any country.

What are 5 things meteorologists do? ›

Meteorology Fields
  • Weather Forecasting and Warnings. ...
  • Atmospheric Research. ...
  • Meteorological Technology Development and Support. ...
  • Information Services. ...
  • Forensic Services. ...
  • Broadcast Meteorology.

What are 3 things meteorologist do? ›

Meteorologists are observers and researchers. They note the physical conditions of the atmosphere above them, and they study maps, satellite data, and radar information. They also compare various kinds of weather data from local, regional, and global sources.

Is it worth it to be a meteorologist? ›

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is strong for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists. Predicted to grow 8 percent from 2020 through 2030 -- faster than the average for all occupations -- a meteorologist salary could exceed $99,740 a year.

Is being a meteorologist fun? ›

Meteorology is a fun and exciting career choice! Meteorologists across the world get to predict some of mother nature's wildest weather. From hurricanes to tornadoes and from heatwaves to blizzards, this is one career choice that will keep you on your toes. Meteorology is a tough college major.

What two skills does a meteorologist need? ›

Key skills for meteorologists
  • Analytical skills.
  • Genuine interest in weather systems.
  • Teamworking skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Written and oral communication skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Mathematical abilities.

What are 3 tasks a meteorologist completes most days? ›

Meteorologists study weather conditions and forecast weather changes. They are responsible for recording and analyzing data, studying and interpreting observations, and then providing the public with reports on their findings.

What are the risks of being a meteorologist? ›

Most meteorologists do not experience brushes with death. Not job-related ones, anyway. However, storm chasers or meteorologists who follow tornadoes are constantly putting themselves at risk. Storm chasers analyze data in order to predict where a tornado will hit.

What are some interesting facts about meteorologist? ›

Meteorologists use a range of satellites, weather balloons, radars, sensors and weather stations to study wind velocity, temperature, humidity and air pressure. Knowing the weather conditions in advance is important to a number of industries including agriculture, shipping, forestry, fishing and transportation.

Why is meteorology important? ›

Meteorology is useful in examining and planning the spread of extreme weather beforehand and offering advice before it happens, the science is just as important during and after. Disaster relief organizations such as FEMA need to understand weather conditions while they plan relief efforts.

What are the 3 names for meteorologist? ›

synonyms for meteorologist
  • astrologer.
  • seer.
  • nostradamus.
  • prophet.
  • soothsayer.

What is the highest pay of a meteorologist? ›

The majority of Chief Meteorologist salaries across the United States currently range between $49,500 (25th percentile) and $130,000 (75th percentile) annually.

What kind of math is used in meteorology? ›

Meteorology math

Variables for the mathematics used in meteorology include: T for temperature, often qualified with subscripts to denote specific temperatures, P for pressure in millibars, θ (a Greek letter, theta), which looks like a zero with a horizontal dash dividing it in half, represents potential temperature.

Is meteorology a difficult subject? ›

Like most STEM degrees, a degree in meteorology or atmospheric science can be difficult due to the necessity of understanding of higher mathematical and physics concepts. However, it is simultaneously one of the most rewarding.

Is meteorology a good career path? ›

Employment of atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists is projected to grow 4 percent from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 700 openings for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

How to be a weather girl? ›

Prospective meteorologists usually take courses outside of the typical atmospheric sciences field. Meteorologists who work in research must at least have a master's degree, but will usually need a Ph. D. in atmospheric science or a related field.

Do meteorologists use a lot of math? ›

Dutifully processing 2.8 quadrillion mathematical calculations per second around the clock, these computers — each about the size of a school bus — are the nucleus of weather and climate forecasting in the United States and the calculations they make are the foundation of NOAA's life-saving weather predictions.

What do meteorologists do all day? ›

Meteorologists study and predict weather and climate. They analyze the relationship between the weather and other environmental processes and observe the impact of weather and climate on people, animals, and plants.

What are the 8 elements of weather that meteorologists study? ›

The are several primary conditions of the atmosphere, or weather elements. They include wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, clouds, and precipitation.

What best describes a meteorologist? ›

A meteorologist is an individual with specialized education who uses scientific principles to explain, understand, observe or forecast the earth's atmospheric phenomena and/or how the atmosphere affects the earth and life on the planet.

What are meteorologist often called? ›

Those who study meteorological phenomena are meteorologists in research, while those using mathematical models and knowledge to prepare daily weather forecasts are called weather forecasters or operational meteorologists.

What is most studied by meteorologist? ›

More broadly, meteorology is the study of the physics and chemistry of Earth's atmosphere, including its interactions with Earth's surface (both land and water). In short, meteorologists want to completely understand how Earth's atmosphere works (and often use that knowledge for future predictions).

Is meteorology a stressful job? ›

High. Meteorologists tend not to find their jobs stressful, which likely contributes positively to career satisfaction.

Why is meteorology interesting? ›

Meteorology is useful in examining and planning the spread of extreme weather beforehand and offering advice before it happens, the science is just as important during and after. Disaster relief organizations such as FEMA need to understand weather conditions while they plan relief efforts.

What are meteorologists interested in? ›

Research meteorologists study atmospheric phenomena such as lightning. Atmospheric scientists study the weather and climate. They may compile data, prepare reports and forecasts, and assist in developing new data collection instruments.


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