Understanding Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's Domain and Server Location for Optimal Performance (2023)

Welcome to this in-depth review of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu, where we'll explore various aspects of the website. We'll assess the server location of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu and how it can impact the website's performance and search engine rankings. In addition, we'll investigate the WHOIS records and DNS records to establish the legitimacy of the domain and understand the website's infrastructure. Furthermore, we'll evaluate the website's traffic estimation and estimate its worth and revenue to determine its profitability and potential for growth. Moreover, we'll compare Editions-Magic-Prono.eu with similar sites to identify areas for improvement and differentiation. We'll also assess the website's loading speed and provide recommendations to optimize it for better user experience. In this review, we aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu, covering all the critical aspects that can impact its success. Our analysis will help you gain a better understanding of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's strengths and weaknesses and provide insights on how to improve the website's performance and achieve its full potential.

In-Depth Website Review of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu

We are currently unable to provide a trustworthy estimate of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's traffic due to a lack of data. Please check back again for updates. The country-code top-level domain .eu is the parent domain for editions-magic-prono.eu. Access to the web servers, located in Germany, is available via the hostname that resolves the IP addresses and 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204.

Domain Labeleditions-magic-prono
Global Traffic Ranknot enough data
Estimated Revenuenot enough data
Estimated Website Worthnot enough data
Estimated Visitorsnot enough data
Estimated Page Impressionsnot enough data
Domain Agenot enough data
IP Addresses
  • 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204
Web Server Location🇩🇪Germany
Last Updated:

In which location is the server for Editions-Magic-Prono.eu situated?

editions-magic-prono.eu's servers are physically located in Germany. The traffic is routed through the IP addresses and 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204 to reach its destination.

IPAddress geolocation is the process of determining the geographical location of a device connected to the internet using its IP address. IP addresses are unique identifiers assigned to devices when they connect to the internet, and they can be used to locate the device to a certain extent. IP geolocation can be used for a variety of purposes, including targeted advertising, fraud prevention, and security. IP geolocation works by mapping the IP address to a physical location. This is done by using a database that contains information about IP addresses and their associated locations. The database is typically maintained by companies that specialize in IP geolocation, and it can be accessed through an API or other software. The accuracy of IP geolocation can vary depending on the method used and the quality of the database. Some methods are more accurate than others, and some databases are more up-to-date and comprehensive than others. In general, IP geolocation is more accurate for devices connected to fixed networks, such as desktop computers and servers, than for mobile devices, which can change locations frequently. Despite its limitations, IP geolocation can be a useful tool for businesses and organizations that need to know the location of their customers or users. It can help them to tailor their services and products to specific regions, prevent fraud and cyberattacks, and ensure compliance with local regulations. However, it is important to use IP geolocation responsibly and respect the privacy of individuals.

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The IP addresses and 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204 are located in Germany.

Latitude51.2993 / 51°17′57″ N
Longitude9.4910 / 9°29′27″ E
Local Time
IPv4 Addresses
IPv6 Addresses
  • 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204

WHOIS lookup for editions-magic-prono.eu

EURid vzw/asbl is responsible for managing the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) .eu, which is where editions-magic-prono.eu is registered. This website is currently assigned through the registrar IONOS SE. The WHOIS data for this website's domain indicates that there are 4 nameservers.

The Domain WHOIS database is a vital resource for gathering information about registered domain names. It's a publicly available database managed by ICANN that contains critical details such as the domain owner's contact information, registration date, and expiration date. Accessing this database can help individuals and organizations to investigate potential fraud, resolve disputes, or contact the domain owner for legitimate purposes. The WHOIS database also helps to ensure the transparency and accountability of the domain name registration process by providing accurate and complete information about domain ownership. Although some domain owners may choose to keep their information private, the WHOIS record can still be helpful in providing important details about the privacy protection service provider. In summary, the Domain WHOIS database is an essential tool for anyone seeking information about a registered domain name.

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Domain Nameeditions-magic-prono.eu
Domain Extensioneu
Top-Level Domain (TLD).eu
TLD TypeCountry Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)
RegistrarIONOS SE
  • ns1103.ui-dns.biz
  • ns1103.ui-dns.com
  • ns1103.ui-dns.de
  • ns1103.ui-dns.org
.eu Sponsoring OrganisationEURid vzw/asbl
.eu WHOIS Serverwhois.eu
.eu Registry URLhttp://www.eurid.eu Understanding Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's Domain and Server Location for Optimal Performance (1)

Examining Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's Online Performance: Meta Tags, Web Server, Page Load Time, and Backlinks

The Apache web server software is used to operate this site.

Is Editions Magic Prono currently down? Quickly check the status of Editions-Magic-Prono.eu using our Ping Tool to ensure it is operational.

To succeed in today's digital landscape, websites must perform at their best, and Editions Magic Prono is no exception. In this section, we'll explore the factors that impact website performance, including meta tags, median page load time, webserver software, website language, and the number of sites linking in. By analyzing these elements, we can identify opportunities for improvement and optimize the site for better performance.

Website Hosthttps://editions-magic-prono.eu
Server SoftwareApache

Everything You Need to Know About Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's DNS Records

editions-magic-prono.eu's DNS configuration is composed of an SOA record, 1 A record, 1 AAAA record, 4 NS records and 2 MX records. Our NSLookup Tool is available to assist in locating additional DNS resource records, if necessary. DNS is a hierarchical system that translates human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP addresses. DNS resource records are a key part of this system, storing data about a domain such as its IP addresses, mail server addresses, and other settings. These records facilitate the communication and accessibility of resources across the internet, making them essential to the functioning of modern communication and commerce.

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SOA Record

SOA records are DNS resource records that provide important administrative information about a domain, such as the primary name server and email address of the domain administrator. These records are essential for the proper functioning of the DNS system and are used by secondary name servers to synchronize their zone files with the primary name server.


A Records

A records are a type of DNS (Domain Name System) resource record that maps a domain name to its corresponding IPv4 address. They are used to translate human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP addresses, which computers use to communicate with each other on the internet. A records are essential for the proper functioning of the internet and are commonly used in conjunction with other DNS resource records to provide a wide range of services, such as website hosting, email services, and more.


AAAA Records

AAAA records are DNS resource records that map a domain name to its IPv6 address. These records are critical for ensuring access to a domain from IPv6 networks and are used in conjunction with A (IPv4) records to ensure access from both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

  • 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204

MX Records

MX records are a type of DNS resource record that specifies the mail servers responsible for receiving email for a domain. These records are used to ensure the reliable delivery of email and play a critical role in the functioning of email services.

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  • mx00.1and1.fr (Priority: 10)
  • mx01.1and1.fr (Priority: 10)

NS Records

NS records are an integral part of the DNS system and are used to specify the authoritative name servers for a domain. These records provide the IP addresses of the name servers responsible for resolving domain names to IP addresses, ensuring the reliable and accurate resolution of domain names across the internet.

  • ns1103.ui-dns.biz
  • ns1103.ui-dns.com
  • ns1103.ui-dns.de
  • ns1103.ui-dns.org

Editions-Magic-Prono Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who is Editions-Magic-Prono.eu?

    The domain has been registered at IONOS SE.

  • What is Editions-Magic-Prono.eu IP address?

    Editions-Magic-Prono.eu resolves to the IP addresses and 2001:8d8:100f:f000::204.

  • What are Editions-Magic-Prono.eu's nameservers?

    DNS for Editions-Magic-Prono.eu is provided by the following nameservers:

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    • ns1103.ui-dns.biz
    • ns1103.ui-dns.com
    • ns1103.ui-dns.de
    • ns1103.ui-dns.org
  • What country does Editions-Magic-Prono.eu come from?

    Editions-Magic-Prono.eu has its servers located in Germany.

  • What webserver software does Editions-Magic-Prono.eu use?

    Editions-Magic-Prono.eu is powered by "Apache" webserver.


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